Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Daily

Christmas 2010 is part of a new chapter in my life. I decided that I was going to due a December Daily album like Ali Edwards does every year. I have somewhat of a base album complete. I am one who struggles with making pre-layouts. I was very "gun-ho" to begin with but now that its day 4, I'm sinking!

I think the issue I am running into is the fact that I don't do something Christmas-y every day. The tree is up, has been since Nov 26th. I decided that photos of the tree and all the indoor decor was going to be Day 1. Easy enough...

Then day 2 comes around and I'm thinking "what do i put in my album for today?" So as of right now, day 2 (12/2) is blank. Now, we're at day 3 and guess what?! Nothing! So, day 3 (12/3) is blank, too.

Today is day 4 (12/4) and I think I have decided for now, I will try and blog each day. Then later, depending on pics and what not, I will take what I have here and transfer it to my album. So far today, we have hung Christmas lights outside. I will have to wait until it begins to get dark to be able to take pictures.

So, thats the plan for now...we will see!

And now I've done something to mess up my blog...grrr!